Virtual Terminals

Our Virtual Terminal is a 100% web-based platform that provides the same payment processing options as a physical terminal. Transform any internet connected device into a powerful payment terminal and accept credit card payments virtually anywhere. Use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to run our virtual platform. Accept payments wherever you have an internet connection, at home, office or while you’re away on vacation. Works as easy as you expect, just enter your customer’s credit card information, charge, and collect! Always expect fast and reliable funding. Our Virtual Terminal will include full support AVS for supported processors, enabling merchants to enjoy reduced fraud rates and lower transaction fees.


Accept payments from any device!

Quickly key in card payments from any device, anywhere. Merchants can key in and associate multiple details with keyed transactions, such as cardholder name, reference number, and more, and track these details in their reports. Our Virtual Terminal provides merchants with a simple and secure way to collect keyed card payments with the same convenience, security, and reliability they are used to.


All your payments needs resolved

Track keyed transactions, along with other transactions, on the web dashboard. Any web browser can serve as credit card terminal, even without a card reader. Generate and send a digital receipt to your customers. Manage your mobile and web payments on a single page. Access Virtual Terminal using the web dashboard and on the mobile app.


Understand your customers and get actionable data

Know what sells well (and not so much), at what times, dates, locations, and how frequently. Powerful reporting tools that provides overarching and detailed information to enable you to organize and understand purchase data to make better business decisions. Get real-time updates synced across all your devices and your web dashboard.

Enabling merchants to accept payments, anytime, anywhere.

Collect card payments from any device, even without a card reader on our Virtual Terminal platform.

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