Non Profit Organizations

Secure and reliable payments solutions for your donations campaigns or nonprofit organization.

Payment processing solutions for Non Profit Organizations

Dynamics Payments specializes in electronic payment processing. We know for a fact that the more payment choices you give to potential donors, the more likely they are to support your cause. We make the charity and non profit donation processing easy, reliable and secure. Your nonprofit organization can rest assured that our customer service department will be by your side all along the way.

Extending the payment flexibility is important to grow your nonprofit organization. Making sure those donations are safe is even more critical. Dynamics Payments’ nonprofit payment solutions are 100% compliant with PCI standards, significantly reducing risk on your donor’s data and personal information. We strive to keep the highest standards of security to maintain your data, your donors and your organization safe from cyber attacks and fraud.

  • Non profit donations with electronic payments made with credit cards, debit cards

  • Electronic check and ACH processing

  • Automated recurring donation options

  • Increase security through PCI compliant payment processing

  • Electronic benefits transfer (EBT)

  • Seamless POS payment integration

  • E-Commerce

  • Online gateways

  • Mobile processing… and more.

Flexible, convenient and secure payment options for your cause and you nonprofit organization.

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Embrace secure payments for your cause

Improve donor retention to effectively embrace and support your cause. Dynamics Payments provides safe donations processing for nonprofits organizations while extending the same services and technology we provide to small business merchants.

Payment Terminals

Our POS terminals process virtually any form of payment – all major credit cards; PIN, signature and Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) debit cards; paper and electronic checks. Dynamics Payments has a POS solution tailored for every need. 

Clover POS Solutions 

Our all-in-one POS solutions makes it easier than ever to streamline your business—its powerful system boasts enhanced features, including fully integrated EMV® payment acceptance, to help you get the job done. Meet the Clover Family today.

POS Integration

Handle different payment transactions within a single system. Instead of having a separate terminal to process electronic payments, we offer a solution that enables your POS system to process credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks, among others.