Mobile Payments

Extend your business beyond the boundaries
of the brick and mortar storefront.

When you can take credit cards no matter where you are, then you will do more transactions and generate more revenue. DynaPay, our mobile transaction solution offers a complete suite of mobile products and services for the on-the-go merchant, enabling them to succeed in today’s competitive market. With DynaPay, our cloud-based solution, small to mid-sized merchants can easily and quickly enter the mobile arena. With a quick download of the DynaPay app on their own smart phone or tablet, merchants can securely process any form of accepted electronic payment from virtually anywhere. Download a copy of the DynaPay brochure here. 

Our mobile payments solution offers

  • Cost Savings – Merchants can use the DynaPay encrypted, bi-directional audio-jack card reader to qualify for swiped rates.

  • Enhanced Security – Mobile payments are never stored on the merchant’s phone – only through the PCI compliant, DP Secure Payment Gateway.

  • Versatility – Merchants can process payments securely away from their store-front or back-office and can consolidate reports through a single, cloud-based gateway account. Ease-of-Use – Through the DP Merchant Support Center, merchants can manage multiple devices from one centralized location.

  • Flexibility – Merchants can simplify their business by choosing any combination of services & solutions all managed through a single merchant account.

  • Compatibility – DynaPay has many configurable options that include downloading transactions into accounting software solutions, inventory management, and signature capture.

The DynaPay Advantage

  • Supports all current mobile operating systems

  • Hardware compatibility for IOS, Android, and Blackberry

  • Our apps use SSL encryption to ensure sensitive information is secure. Our apps are also password protected and include additional safety measures in the event of theft or loss of the device. Credit card information is never actually stored on the phone. In fact, payments via phone are actually safer because the card never leaves the customer’s sight, and you won’t have paper imprints of credit card information making you and your clients vulnerable, and also taking up valuable storage space.

Provide your business with ease of payment, increased security, and efficient tracking. Learn more about DynaPay, the mobile transaction solution from Dynamics Payments.

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