Check Acceptance Solutions

Accept your customer’s preferred payment method without the hassle or surprises. Accepting ACH and check payments is now more secure than ever. Our Electronic Check Processing programs automate check authorizations and deposits for a business. With each authorized check funds are electronically processed and automatically deposited into the merchant’s account. Industry specific enhancements let you choose the program to meet your business’ needs. Our popular program for check approval and guarantee at the point of sale. Higher check approvals and desktop conversion are just a few of the benefits of check guarantee.

ACH (Automated Clearing House)

ACH is a nationwide electronic funds transfer system which provides for the interbank clearing of electronic payments. ACH payment transactions generated through Dynamics Payments are processed using this reliable network and is also the same network used by federal bank financial institutions and government to transfer funds securely. An ACH account provides all the options of debit cards, including recurring billing and even online payments.  Expand processing capabilities and provide flexible payment options with Dynamics Payments ACH processing. Integrate check readers to electronically deposit checks to your bank account for simplified payments. Prevent ACH and credit card fraud by complying with PCI standards.

Remote deposit complete and mobile remote deposit complete

A Web (RDC) and mobile-based (mRDC) check image capture, storage, and processing solution that enables financial institutions (FI’s) to provide commercial customers the ability to electronically deposit a wide variety of paper checks. Remote Deposit Complete (RDC) and Mobile Remote Deposit Complete (mRDC) are the ideal remote deposit solutions for commercial customers who have checks to deposit every day. Least-cost routing and speed of collection are optimized with this service. Financial institutions can increase their low-cost deposit growth with Remote Deposit Complete.

Mobile Check Capture

ProfitStars combines JHA’s solid technology background with the latest breakthroughs in five performance-boosting solution groups – Financial Performance, Retail Delivery, Imaging & Payments Processing, Information Security & Risk Management, and Online & Mobile. Trusted by more than 11,000 clients worldwide and ranked #1 in Remote Deposit Capture and #1 in Branch Image Capture by Celent, ProfitStars has been recognized again and again for leadership and innovation throughout the industry.

Accept checks with confidence and avoid bank fees and charges.

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