Payment Integration

Handle different payment transactions within a single system. Instead of having a separate terminal to process electronic payments, we offer a solution that enables your POS system to process credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks, among others. Every business in the retail industry has unique requirements that need to be addressed correctly in order to succeed. Dynamics Payments integration solutions gives an additional advantage to the already easy to use POS system. With rapid installation and custom components that target specific areas of the business, Dynamics Payments offers the best service of the merchant process industry. We are focused on providing personalized service in order to respond efficiently to our customer needs. In addition to partial payments already processed by regular POS, Dynamics Payments integrates electronic payments processing, such as credit cards, debit cards, checks, among others. With our service, every POS is able to handle and process each customer quickly. Moreover, in the case of product returns, our service is able to compensate clients accordingly.


All in one software solutions

With an integrated system, the settlement process is easier and updated directly to the entity’s files. This integration also allows the business to obtain updated financial data from day to day operations, as well as an overview of monthly, quarterly and year operations. The owner of the business will have a better understanding of the cash flow from operations as well as the amount of credit card and debit card payments in real time, without having to wait for bank statements.


Loyalty Programs

Segment your customers, drive returning business and attract new patrons with advantageous loyalty programs. Manage customer accounts and loyalty campaigns easily and fast. It just takes a few clicks to create a new customer account, and it can even be done at the Point of Sale. Loyalty programs can include personalized offers and a point collection to be spent in your outlets, to stimulate new and old customers to return.


Food or Fashion

Retail or restaurant, our system makes it a simple task to sell and finalize a sale. All items can be inserted into menus that are grouped together as needed. The system is easy to use, self-explanatory and gives the user access only to valid options in each stage of the transaction. The POS offer a training mode to help new users learn how to use the system. Transactions in training mode are marked separately and do not affect sales’ totals.

We can seamlessly integrate Payment Processing for Restaurant and Retail softwares such as:


Dynamics Payments is always adding new POS compatibility systems. If you want to validate if our solutions will work with your hardware, contact us directly at and our experienced integration staff can confirm equipment compatibility.

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