New and notable apps in the Clover app market

From payroll to ordering to loyalty programs, are you handling the administrative side of things as efficiently as possible? Are you ready to let go of clunky processes and adopt new tools to simplify tasks?

Your Clover POS system comes with a growing collection of apps that take care of time-consuming functions. Scroll through the Clover App Market to find popular free apps and apps for purchase that will save you hours each week.

Simply download the ones that look appealing—or open pre-installed apps from the Clover dashboard—and discover how quick and easy it is to streamline, automate, and improve your business.

Here are three recent additions and updates to the Clover App Market that small business owners love. Make 2018 a year with fewer hassles and more time to focus on products and customers.


For most merchants, payroll saps too much precious time and exposes them to costly errors—particularly at tax time. That’s why nearly half of small businesses outsource the function.

While outsourcing can help the business run smoothly, it often results in hidden costs, such as bundled services that payroll companies quietly add to your package. What if you could get the ease and expertise of an outside firm with the cost savings of handling payroll in-house?

Gusto makes it possible. This growing software company has teamed with Clover to offer a powerful app for your POS. Designed especially for small businesses, the web-based platform handles unlimited payrolls, federal and local taxes in all 50 states, W-2s and 1099s, direct deposit, health benefits, workers’ comp, and more.

Feedback from Gusto’s more than 50,000 customers show that 9 out of 10 say Gusto is easier than other payroll solutions—and quicker, too. The average time spent running payroll with Gusto? Just 7 minutes. In addition, 4 out of 5 merchants report fewer errors after switching to Gusto.

Try out this online system with a 3-month free trial for Clover merchants. If you’re happy with the results, Gusto offers a low monthly rate, as well as tiered plans that let you add extra services, such as 401(k) plans, FSAs, and HR compliance. Each plan comes with a support team available via chat, email, or phone—quick, professional advice for solving any problem.


Enduring brands know that customers buy more than just products or services. They buy identity and community—particularly millennials, who crave engagement, authenticity, and even friendship with their brands.

That’s great for small businesses, which often have an edge over big corporations when it comes to attracting younger buyers. Loyalzoo helps keep them engaged and coming back for more.

This popular Clover app lets merchants create their very own VIP membership program. Simply set up a recurring weekly or monthly charge, and members receive discounts on meals, unlimited cups of coffee, color treatments with their haircuts, upgrades on e-liquids, or any other premium service of your design.

Giants like Amazon Prime aren’t the only membership games in town. With Loyalzoo, you actively forge relationships with your best customers, while rewarding them with services and products they enjoy—and ensuring a revenue stream you can rely on. Try it for free.


Membership programs aren’t the only customized tools you can create. With Apptizer, you can even put together your own branded app for iOS and Android.

Even tech-challenged people find it easy to design a sleek-looking app that matches their business branding. The order-ahead app links directly to your Clover POS system to make transactions quick and seamless.

Here’s how it works: Similar to popular apps from Starbucks and other large companies, customers open your app on their mobile devices and conveniently place their orders. The app automatically generates a QR code for each order.

Orders are immediately noted on your Clover device, where you confirm the order and fill it for pickup. When customers arrive at your location, they simply scan their codes into the Clover POS and pay. Alternatively, the app’s built-in online shopping cart lets customers pay from their own devices.

While coffee shops and restaurants are naturals for a customized app, other businesses can benefit as well. Flower shops might offer a selection of arrangements that customers can order online for quick pickup. Bakeries could get a head start on boxing up big orders.

Anywhere where speed and convenience are needed, Apptizer can help. Plus, it comes with a bonus feature: Once people have downloaded the custom app, merchants can send them promotions and offers via push notifications from the Clover POS dashboard.

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