Adjusting our sails: Resilience as our north star

Puerto Rico had just experienced the most violent natural disaster on our island, Hurricane Maria. An unprecedented event that left a trail of destruction, desolation and sadness. How do we face this new reality? How do we start over? How do we adjust our sails and navigate through these times of crisis? The moment is ideal and we have to redefine the term resilience. Resilience is the ability of individuals and societies to cope with the sudden impact of crises or disasters, and to restore their ability to function and their ability to act as quickly as possible.

The word demands action. It requires that we educate ourselves about the needs of our industries, the needs of our colleagues, neighbors and friends. We need to put into action future plans with a special focus on sustainability and learning from the mistakes of our past.

What will this experience bring? New businesses, services, infrastructure, sales and new opportunities. It is our choice whether we face the challenge of our future with the resilience that distinguishes us or we just sit back and hope for a change. Puerto Ricans are known for their fighting spirit and we have been just called upon a challenge to do better. We are all in the same boat and we must all sail in the same direction. From here, we already see dry land. Can we count on you?

At Dynamics Payments we are meeting the needs of our customers with certain limitations and providing our employees with the resources to ensure the well being of their families.

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