Our central processors capture over 2.5
billion transactions with credit cards per year.

Dynamics Payments Corporation was established under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico on August 2012. Since its inception Dynamics Payments was created as a lean organization with 2 key objectives.

  1. Become a real alternative to merchants within the Puerto Rico, LATAM and the Caribbean markets by leveraging the most advanced, reliable and cost effective payments technology.

  2. Create an organization that takes advantage of the Puerto Rico Act 20 of 2012: Export Services Act, by offering our services to the US, Caribbean and Latin America Markets.

Dynamics Payments is a provider of innovative payment products and services that manage, support, and speed the processing of funds for merchants, corporations, financial institutions and government agencies.  As part of the world’s largest and most trusted payment processors, Dynamics Payments combines industry-leading expertise with years of experience.

Utilizing our products, services, and state-of-the-art network, Dynamics Payments provides exceptional transaction processing to its customers.  We are proud of the long history of providing services to customers and believe our exceptional capabilities will assist in creating a longstanding successful relationship.

At the core of Dynamics Payments is the commitment to provide the most trusted payment services in the territories we serve through strong partnerships and comprehensive business solutions.  With years of experience as a payment processing provider, Dynamics Payments expertise provides customers innovative payment solutions that save time and money. Dynamics Payments is also a leader in protecting merchants from chargebacks and fraud and offers one of the safest, most secure processing systems. We pride ourselves in providing our merchants stability – Dynamics Payments boasts robust systems and host/network redundancy of 99.998% uptime and our customers can rely on our financial dependability.  Using a personal approach to problem solving, Dynamics Payments delivers unmatched service and support, with 7 days-a-week, access to Customer Support and a trained Technical Helpdesk.  Our customers can trust that we will always be responsive to their needs.


Growing Reach

Dynamics Payments is a leader in the provisioning of payment products and services that manage, support, and speed the processing of funds for financial institutions, merchants, corporations, and government agencies in Puerto Rico, the United States as well as the US Virgin Islands. Today, Dynamics Payments processes approximately 20 million credit and debit transactions per year.

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