2019: Consumers are spending more on food and restaurants

According to a recent study commissioned by the Puerto Rico Restaurant Association (ASORE), called EAT (Study · ASORE · Trends), the average consumer spending visiting restaurants increased by 17%, ie $ 64 more per month compared to the results obtained last year. This was revealed by José D. Alfonso, of The Research Oce, during the presentation of the results at the Convention Center, as a preamble to the organization’s summit event, the Bakery & Restaurant Show.

José Salvatella, president of the Board of Directors of ASORE, said that “this demonstrates what we have said previously about the change in the daily routines of Puerto Rican families. Eating out has become a necessity because of the pace of life we lead. This amount, without a doubt, could increase in the coming months with the reduction of the Sales and Use Tax (IVU), which could be an influential factor when buying prepared foods ”.

OUTSTANDING other results regarding the technical issues is that Puerto Ricans want to use more technology on restaurants, particularly that which is aimed at improving service.

“We have a consumer who is spending more in 2019 on their restaurant experiences, which is partly motivated by high satisfaction with the value for money. Specifically, 92% of restaurant visitors say they are satisfied with the value for the money they are paying. This satisfaction is higher than what was reported in a similar study in the United States conducted this year, which was 75 percent. Likewise, satisfaction motivates one in two consumers to want to visit restaurants, in general, more frequently than now, ”José Alfonso explained during the presentation.

To carry out the EAT study, the market research firm The Research Office interviewed in person 1,000 adults (men and women) between the ages of 18 to 64 in the months of August to September of this year. A representative sample of various socioeconomic levels of all the municipalities, except Vieques and Culebra, was selected according to their population weight according to the most updated Census data. The study is available in its full version and executive summary for those interested in acquiring it. To do this, you can call (ASORE) 787-783-9640 or contact Asore via email recepcion@asorepr.net.

More Information at https://asorepr.com/

 (Sample:1,000 adults 18-64 in all of PR, all SEL.) Resultados Estudio EAT Asore / National Restaurant Association / The Research Office10/11/19. All data from this study is copyrighted and owned by ASORE