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What is EMV?

EMV is a fraud-reducing technology that can help protect issuers, merchants and consumers against losses from the use of counterfeit and lost or stolen payment cards at the point-of-sale. EMV cards are embedded with a microprocessor or smart chip that interacts with the merchant’s point-of-sale device to make sure that the payment card is valid and with the use of a PIN that it belongs to the person using the card. This kind of chip technology adds layers of security against fraud and is virtually impossible to duplicate.

Why EMV technology?

The migration to EMV technology in the U.S. will help:

  • Ensure that only the rightful card owner can use the chip card, protecting against lost or stolen card fraud
  • Protect data on the chip against unauthorized changes, protecting against counterfeit fraud
  • Enable U.S. cardholders to use their secure chip payment cards anywhere in the world.

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EMV chip MerchantsEMV is just one important component of a comprehensive, multi-layered approach to payment security. Adding EMV as part of an overall data security solution allows merchants to better protect against fraudulent card use in addition to protecting their customers’ card data and their businesses from the risk of a data breach.

EMV Protection at the POS

There are powerful advantages for merchants who adopt EMV payments. By updating their POS systems to accept EMV payments, merchants are taking the necessary steps to build a future–proof infrastructure that will support emerging payment innovations, enhance global acceptance and reduce risk.

EMV Technology Benefits for Merchants

The EMV–enabled payment card has successfully reduced face-to-face fraud around the world – and is now making its way into your customers’ wallets. With a “future proof” terminal or peripheral, you can accept EMV cards now. And because EMV technology makes payment cards virtually impossible to copy and a PIN can verify the cardholder’s identity, merchants can significantly reduce the possibility of accepting counterfeit, lost or stolen cards.

Increases security and fraud protection to reduce some types of fraudulent transactions and charge-backs:

  • Reduces skimming at the point of sale
  • Enables increased PIN use for stronger cardholder verification
  • Helps prevent the use of counterfeit, lost and stolen cards

Helps merchants support the way cardholders will want to pay:

  • Meet expectations of cardholders who want more secure payment transactions
  • Accept foreign cards that are already EMV enabled

Let us guide you through the EMV Shift Proccess. Contact us today!.

Evaluate and assess your actual point of sale (POS) system.

In order to become EMV Compliant you may need to update your hardware, software or both, or simply replace your credit card terminal.

Get associates, partners and shareholders involved.

Evaluate costs, take advantage of this opportunity to learn about what’s at stake. The EMV migration can be more complicated than just updating your POS terminal. Talk to your payment processor, bank and other parties involved and maximize your operation by acquiring the best system available for your business size.

Review and rethink your payments technology.

Stay ahead in the game. The EMV Migration its a brand new opportunity to rethink the way your business accepts credit cards you don’t necessarily have to use the same point of sale provider you currently do. If you are using an older system, you might think about upgrading to a system that works with a smartphone or tablet (NFC) and accepts new payment methods (NFC) like Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

Training and education.

Offer training sessions or webcasts to teach employees on how to use the EMV compliant terminals. Update your employee training manuals and periodically revise their procedures. Unlike the traditional magnetic stripe card reader, now customers will insert their EMV chip card into the terminal and wait until the payment transaction is completed.

Let us guide you through the EMV Shift Proccess. Contact us today!.

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