[box][googlefont font=”Oxygen” size=”22px”]A simple, powerful and easy to implement payment solution for Car Rental. Meet the industry standards, meet your client needs. [/googlefont][/box][gap height=”20″]
Rentcentric-Logo[gap height=”30″]The RentCentric Advantage. Secure internet credit card processing allows you to process customer’s credit cards online through Rent Centric. This offers a more robust, high speed, safe and accurate credit card processing since all the rental information is sent automatically. By simply entering the customer’s credit card information into the system you’re able to process their credit card without having to utilize a POS terminal. This way, the customer information and their transactions all reside in Rent Centric, which makes tracking much easier. When you use Rent Centric credit card processing, finding historical information or processing additional transactions is simply one click away. And for multi-location operations, to ensure instant access and accurate data sharing, all processing takes place from one centralized point. This is just a snapshot of what you will be able to achieve. For more information send us an email here. 


What would you do? if your business spent LESS money on accepting credit and debit cards? Maybe spend the savings on expansion? What would you do if you moved customer checkout lines at twice the speed; probably smile as you see more revenue in your establishment.  We know the car rental industry is very competitive and one of the most important aspects is maintaining  a strong customer base. Our integrated service also provides efficient solutions to improve customer service.  Join the Dynamics team today!!

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  • Multi-Processor Flexibility We process across two of the most robust host processors in the industry so you can enjoy a variety of solutions options to fit virtually any of your needs
  • Host certification to hundreds of gateways and middlewares makes integration simple
  • Wide variety of options keeps costs low and customer base growing
  • Online 24/7 reporting View sales, authorizations, chargeback requests and much more at the tip of your finger tips from any computer with internet access.
  • Dedicated support team We know car rental and when we say dedicated we mean it. Our car rental customer support team only does car rental. We know the business in and out and are here to work for you!
  • Dedicated chargeback management team Worry more about renting cars than about losing your money to chargebacks. At Dynamics Payments we have a dedicated team to handle all your chargeback requests. Our chargeback specialists will not only help you in winning these chargebacks but will analyze your current chargebacks and provide you with industry best practices to minimize them.
  • Wide Coverage from US, Puerto Rico and USVI Take advantage of our custom surcharge tables designed uniquely to serve your business whether located in Puerto Rico or in the US.