Referral Partner Program

Turn your business and personal connections into income opportunities.


Dynamics Payments is one of the fastest growing merchant service providers in Puerto Rico. Our Referral Partner Program offers generous, flexible and fast payment for referrals from your customers. We handle the sale from A to Z. All you need to do is provide us with the lead and watch your revenues grow.


How does it work?

The referral program is for individuals and organizations that do not wish to be directly involved with the setup, follow up and maintenance of credit card processing programs. A referral partner simply sends a lead to our staff and we contact the merchant directly. The referral partner receives compensation for each referral that becomes a customer.


A win – win solution!

Partnering with Dynamics Payments allows you to dramatically increase your revenue with no financial exposure. Your preferred relationship with us allows you to offer your referrals our full suite of high quality services and products lowering expenses. 

Ready to turn your business and personal connections into income opportunities?

Contact us and let’s grow together.

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