Reconnect with customers and bring them back.

Clover Promos is the easiest way to contact your repeat customers and bring them back whenever you want. Start building your customer list using Promos.

Build customer lists

Build segmented lists from your customer profiles that help you more strategically target them with promotions.

Go social

People are spending more time than ever on social media. Get them to spend their money by posting offers, with just one click.

Win them back

Haven’t seen someone in a while? Automatically find lost customers, then send them an offer to get them back in the door.

Connect now

Want to quickly re-market to customers? Now you can send out promotions instantly, to specific customers or groups of them.

Turn customers into repeat customers.

Once your customers are in the Clover system, you can send out real-time promos by email and text message, specifically catered to them.

Promote right at purchase

Always-on promotion is essential—and with Clover, it starts at the register. Printing offers on receipts is just one more option for dishing out promos.

Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to share your promos

When you create real-time promos, you have the option to share them to your Facebook and Twitter followers. Even if you don’t have anyone in your audience yet, you can send promos out to all of your social media followers. Sign in to your Promos dashboard and select “Connect to social media” from the Settings menu.

With Promos you have the power
to bring them back.

Customer retention and marketing is made easy with Clover Promos.

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