The future of electronic payments will only bring more change.
We will help you stay ahead of the game.

At Dynamics Payments we provide your business with the tools to connect you, the buyers, and the financial institutions together to make transaction processing simpler, faster, safer, and more rewarding. We bring to your business our powerful network of host processors, cutting edge security, and the broadest and most high tech transaction processing programs in the US and Puerto Rico. Our back end host processors capture 2.5 trillion transactions per year and account for 80% of all US and Puerto Rico card transactions. Our host processors support more than 10 million merchant accounts in over 80 countries worldwide. Your business needs to accept electronic payments in order to survive, and transactions are evolving rapidly and for the better.


Mobile Payments24/7 Payments convenience

Mobile products and services
for the on-the-go merchant.


Credit & Debit CardsIncrease business revenue

Accept and verify payments
from all major credit cards.


POS IntegrationFaster transaction proccesing

Seamless integration
with most POS Software.

Our team will pave the way for your business
to become more profitable and to process
electronic transactions in a secure and efficient way.

Dynamics Payments Corporation is a registered ISO of Deutsche Bank, USA, New York, NY. Dynamics Payments Corporation is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA.