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Bring the beauty of simple payment processing to your salon or health club. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your payments are strong, secure, and fast.

Payment processing solutions for the Health and Beauty Industry

Choosing the right partner for your salon’s payment processing can help you save time—not to mention money—on operational tasks so you and your staff can focus on your clients.

Like all fast-paced businesses, your beauty salon needs a cutting edge credit card processor that can help your salon keep up with the demands of daily operations, keep your stylists happy, and keep your customers coming back time and time again. With a POS solution built expressly for hair salons you can:

  • Easily track your clients’ appointment history, alongside their go-to styles and products—without having to fumble through paper records

  • Streamline—or even automate—your appointment reminder calls, via SMS text or email confirmation

  • Track and manage inventory for your salon supplies and your retail products

  • Pull reporting that details stylists’ individual sales, commissions, and space rental payments to help reduce your accounting time and to help you ensure stylists are properly paid for their work

Dynamics Payments processing and payment solutions for features:

  •  Affordable bundled solutions

  • Credit card terminals for multiple stylists/salon stations with built-in tip functionality

  • Touch-Screen Point of Sales (POS) systems available

  • NFC enabled terminals for Apple Pay™ and Google Wallet

  • Swift funding to your bank account

  • Free 24/7 customer support

  • Top notch security: PCI compliant

  • Your own personal account representative

  • Acceptance of major credit cards and signature debit card

  • PIN debit card processing

  • Seamless POS payment integration

  • Offer gift card programs

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We know that the ability to accept credit and debit cards is critical to your business growth, we focus to bring the most secure and reliable payment processing solutions at competitive rates for small businesses. 

Payment Terminals

Our POS terminals process virtually any form of payment – all major credit cards; PIN, signature and Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) debit cards; paper and electronic checks. A POS solution tailored for every need.

Print receipts… or not.

Send receipts and keep them happy. Customers want it their way, right down to the receipt. With Clover Go, it’s simple to email or text receipts to patrons to keep them happy. Delivering the goods at the speed of business.

No power…no problem.

Clover Flex keeps your business running. Battery can last for a full day of business and with 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity you can be sure that the money will keep coming in even in the event of a power outage.

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