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Contactless Payments

Add to your business the advantage of a contact-free, fast and secure way to make payments.

Fast Easy & Secure

Data shows that (NFC) contactless payments are here to stay. Contactless payments or NFC (near-field communication) is a new payment technology that enables secure payments between a contactless card or payment-enabled mobile device with a NFC payment terminal. A contactless card is a chip enabled card that has a near-field communication (NFC) antenna that allows and authorizes a close range payment. When you tap or show your contactless a card or device at the contactless payment terminal then your payment is posted for authorization.

NFC Payment Solutions

Benefits of Contactless Payments

In a business environment that is primarily focused on customer experience, its vital to add new methods for consumers to make their purchases. Contactless payments provide several advantages for businesses and consumers.

Reduce Bacteria Spread

Handling cash and contact with a store cashier could contribute to the spread of virus and bacteria.

Loyalty Programs

Gain insight into consumer behavior. Engage a younger demographic while improving customer loyalty.

Faster Payments

Tapping your card or device pay is faster than swiping or inserting. Twice as fast as cash or check payments


NFC payments are protected by multiple layers of security and are now accepted by merchants worldwide

Customer Satistaction

Welcome new opportunities to improve consumer communication and engagement

No Additional Fees

Maybe your actual terminal is already NFC-Enabled and the transaction fees will not change

Enjoy the convenience of Contacless Payments.