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Adding value to our operation with eConduit partnership

Dynamics Payments has started 2018 adding value to its customers by partnering with eConduit. eConduit provides the connection between Point of Sale Systems and processing companies like Dynamics Payments, allowing flexibility, choice and security in payments to merchants.  With ease of integration via the eConduit Cloud API as well as an extensive and continuously increasing list [...]

Adjusting our sails: Resilience as our north star

Puerto Rico had just experienced the most violent natural disaster on our island, Hurricane Maria. An unprecedented event that left a trail of destruction, desolation and sadness. How do we face this new reality? How do we start over? How do we adjust our sails and navigate through these times of crisis? The moment is [...]

Pagos electrónicos para oficinas médicas y servicios profesionales

Pagos electrónicos para oficinas médicas y servicios profesionales Según dispone la ley en Puerto Rico las oficinas médicas y de servicios profesionales, deberán ofrecerle al consumidor al menos dos alternativas para efectuar sus pagos, una de las cuales deberá ser electrónica. Te ofrecemos la alternativa “todo en uno” para que cumplas con la ley y disfrutes […]

The Mobile Payments Revolution is here.

A new mobile solution  from Dynamics Payments DynaPay offers a complete suite of mobile products and services for the on-the-go merchant, enabling them to succeed in today’s competitive market. With DynaPay, our cloud-based solution, small to mid-sized merchants can easily and quickly enter the mobile arena. With a quick download of the DynaPay app on […]

What is EMV Chip Card Technology?

EMV, which stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, is a global standard for inter-operation of integrated circuit cards (IC cards or “chip cards”) and IC card capable point of sale (POS) terminals and automated teller machines (ATMs), for authenticating credit and debit card transactions. EMV is a joint effort initially conceived by Europay, MasterCard and […]

Point of Sale for Restaurants

Aldelo – Restaurant Industry The Restaurant and Bar industry is surrounded by very complex tasks. Aldelo’s POS systems gives Restaurant Managers and Bar operators the opportunity to simplify and understand the operations of their businesses. Dynamics Payments offers additional tools to improve and integrate the business cycle with merchant’s particular needs. In this industry time […]

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