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The beginning of a new era

We have officially announced our relocation to our new headquarters in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The new Dynamics Payments Building is strategically located on Highway # 199 and comprises a space of over 17,000 p / c. Our operation needed a space that would fit our philosophy and from these new facilities, we will continue […]

Collection Center for Puerto Rico earthquake victims

In order to extend a hand to our brothers, we have enabled a Collection Center in our facilities at Dynamics Payments to collect essential items from Monday 13 to Thursday 16 January from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. For more info. Tel. 787-783-8689 📍For your convenience our location📍 http://bit.ly/307VKTM What we are collecting: • Diapers […]

4 Pivotal technologies to drive success to any restaurant or food business

It is essential to consider new technology platforms that cover all aspects of your restaurant, from credit card processing solutions to accounting management, inventory, and payroll software. Below are the four most popular and discussed topics among restaurant owners. Mobile Orders and Deliveries (Front of the House) As consumers get used to fast-casual restaurants like […]

2019: Consumers are spending more on food and restaurants

According to a recent study commissioned by the Puerto Rico Restaurant Association (ASORE), called EAT (Study · ASORE · Trends), the average consumer spending visiting restaurants increased by 17%, ie $ 64 more per month compared to the results obtained last year. This was revealed by José D. Alfonso, of The Research Oce, during the […]

Discover how gift cards can boost sales and attract new customers this Christmas

The Christmas season has arrived, and one of the most flexible tools that merchants can use to boost sales during this time of year is gift cards. We share three strategies to make the most of this versatile tool. 1. Sell them as gifts: This is perhaps the most common use. Giftcards have been the […]

Christmas is here!

Thinking about updating your POS system for the holiday rush? As the Christmas season approaches, many merchants rush to upgrade their point of sale (POS) systems in anticipation of the holiday rush. If you are in this situation, be sure to consider the following tips to maximize sales during this year’s Christmas shopping season. Follow […]

Meet the Clover Station

What's inside the new Clover Station point of sale? Designers and developers of point-of-sale systems globally have often considered Clover Station as a one-of-a-kind standard example for its innovative and modern design, ease of use and integrated performance. Now Clover Station has reinvented itself and traders across the world are asking; What else can offer [...]

New and notable apps in the Clover app market

From payroll to ordering to loyalty programs, are you handling the administrative side of things as efficiently as possible? Are you ready to let go of clunky processes and adopt new tools to simplify tasks? Your Clover POS system comes with a growing collection of apps that take care of time-consuming functions. Scroll through the Clover [...]

Upgrade NOW to TLS 1.2 Let security be part of your daily operations

Upcoming security upgrade may interrupt your payment processing service. Providing our clients with secure and reliable payment methods is a top priority for Dynamics Payments. As part of these efforts, we will discontinue support of older encryption methods, such as Secure Socket Layer version 3 (SSLv3) and early versions of Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.0). […]

Adding value to our operation with eConduit partnership

Dynamics Payments has started 2018 adding value to its customers by partnering with eConduit. eConduit provides the connection between Point of Sale Systems and processing companies like Dynamics Payments, allowing flexibility, choice and security in payments to merchants.  With ease of integration via the eConduit Cloud API as well as an extensive and continuously increasing list [...]

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