4 Pivotal technologies to drive success to any restaurant or food business

It is essential to consider new technology platforms that cover all aspects of your restaurant, from credit card processing solutions to accounting management, inventory, and payroll software.

Below are the four most popular and discussed topics among restaurant owners.

Mobile Orders and Deliveries
(Front of the House)
As consumers get used to fast-casual restaurants like Starbucks that offer mobile orders, they are increasingly looking for their local restaurants to provide the same courtesy. Along with the growing demand for delivery services, these mobile order systems are becoming more than just a luxury item for operators as consumers’ appetite for food in order continues to escalate. However, many small restaurants and independent chains do not have the workforce to manage food delivery options, and the expensive charges of third-party delivery applications such as Uber eats, and UVA can be catastrophic for their results. As demand grows, we are attentive to how smaller restaurants can compete with delivery or move forward with the use of alternative mobile order systems such as Clover Online Order, which can better benefit their profit margins.

Credit Card Processing Systems
When paying for low-cost items at a high cost, consumers primarily choose to use their credit cards (60% for low cost and 90% for a high price). That is why it is so essential to make sure you find a payment technology company for your restaurant that allows you to accept this form of payment efficiently and economically. We understand that cash flow is everything to a restaurant. With Dynamics Payments, restaurant owners enjoy competitive rates, which means that they retain more of their earnings with so much effort.

Inventory and order of food and beverages
(Back of the House)
For the back of the house, managing inventory and keeping up with food and beverage orders in the past has been, in a word, burdensome. This is why technology companies are entering the restaurant industry and offering better and smarter ways for operators to keep their inventory up to date.

Management and social media tools
According to an industry report, the most common platform for restaurant advertising in 2019 is social networks and is used by 75% of restaurateurs. While most restaurateurs know that it is not only essential but nowadays, to have a social presence, many struggle to find the time to manage it consistently. Curious about ways to save time and money in a crucial need, our survey revealed that more than 40% of the chefs and restaurant owners we surveyed were interested in social media tools that offer solutions like Clover.

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