3 Marketing Strategies That Will Boost Your Holiday Sales

It is known that August is a crucial month for business. Although it is a month of high economic impact due to the back-to-school sales, it also welcomes the most anticipated season of the year, the Christmas season. The Christmas season extends much further than one day in Puerto Rico and other Caribbean and Latin American countries. It represents months of planning, family parties, gifts, shopping, home improvements, travel – in short, a season of opportunity for all industries. According to a study carried out by Fiserv®, 56% of consumers plan to start their Christmas shopping before November of the current year *. The question is, are you prepared in advance for the season? The economy is on the mend, along with consumer spending habits. “Black Friday” and “Cyber ​​Monday,” for example, represent a considerable growth in revenue with great discounts, which officially puts spending in full swing. This year, of course, we can expect that the Christmas season, after Covid-19, will be a different one. So no matter what your type of business is, your company’s digital transformation is vital to compete and maximize revenue opportunities during the most anticipated time of the year. Here we list three initiatives that can help you do just that.


1. Upgrade your point of sale system

Far from being just a “cash register,” today’s point of sale systems can be the most effective communication tool between your business and your customers. Clover® Retail and Restaurant Point of Sale systems are designed to engage with consumer behavior. A robust application market is available to power up your point of sale with the most versatile and innovative functions such as customer relationship management apps (CRM). A CRM will allow you to organize your customers’ contact information and thus be able to communicate sales opportunities, new products, offers, appointments and even send them congratulations messages from your pos or mobile device. Nurturing that personal connection with your clients is what will keep them coming back for more. Fiserv’s consumer study revealed that 58% of respondents prefer to receive gift cards than physical gifts. Multiple gift card and customer loyalty apps can open up a new revenue stream for your business without much effort. In the Clover® App market, there is an app for every need to make the operation of your business more efficient with minimum intervention from your administrative staff.

2. Take your business online with Clover Online Ordering.

If you already have a Clover® POS, you could be accepting online orders, generating new revenue, increasing profits, and attracting new customers. You may want to create a special sale event to make room for all the new Christmas inventory or even participate in Cyber ​​Monday this year. Invite your customers to order online that day. Clover Online Ordering’s simple setup makes ordering online a breeze to configure, and we set up and process your orders with no additional fees. If you don’t have a Clover terminal, our Dynaestore E-Commerce solution is designed to get your store to the web in no time and extend your reach to the most popular social networks. Dynaestore allows you to add new products just by uploading a photo, sharing it on Facebook® and Instagram®, accepting payments, and managing orders and inventory from the palm of your hand in its mobile application.

3. Increase activity on social media and be consistent.

Spend more time interacting with your customers on social media and add product catalogs directly from your e-commerce platforms. E-commerce platforms provide a solid dashboard with analytical data that offers valuable information about the consumption preferences of customers who purchase their products through social networks. If you are a business owner, broadcast an event on Facebook Live® or create stories on Instagram® to showcase some of your latest products. If you provide a service, consider promoting gift cards or certificates as holiday gifts. Explain how your services can reduce the stress of gift shopping during the holiday season. Use hashtags and create alliances with other companies to help your posts reach greater reach and engagement.


In short, it is the responsibility of any entrepreneur is to maximize the opportunities provided by new marketing channels in the era of digitization to unleash the potential of their businesses. If you want more information about our solutions, fill out this form or call 787-783-8689.

Source • June 2021 Gift Card Gauge from Fiserv

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